Creating a branching scenario with Wizcabin

Image by raw-pixel from Pixabay

Gamification and branching help make your e-learning courses more engaging and effective. Learn how to create a branching scenario using Wizcabin in minutes

It's easy to create a branching scenario with Wizcabin. Follow the three steps to create a branching scenario using Wizcabin in minutes.

Step 1:

Firstly create an interactive element using Wizcabin’s element creator button — You can choose all types of elements, like interactive buttons, flip element or image drop-down

Step 2:

Then, figure out where you want the slide to branch to.

Step 3:

Click on the edit slide and choose the slide number in the ‘Branch to slide’ drop-down.

Naveen is the chief executive officer at Wizcabin. He helps organizations to optimize their e-learning strategy by balancing the cost and effectiveness factors.