How L&D teams can use eLearning to support employees career growth

One vital factor that people consider before choosing a course is career growth. Nobody wants to remain stagnant career-wise, that’s why role-hopping within a company is essential.

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4 career growth tips for promoting employees in eLearning

Here are 4 career growth tips the L&D team needs to use to support employees

1. Think less about career ladders and focus on learning

Today’s working environment is far different from the past. In the past, career growth used to follow a linear path.

2. Create opportunities for peer learning

Empowered employees have the strength to accelerate everyone’s growth. If they’re given the tools to share what they learn, it can help speed up everyone’s development.

  • You can also promote peer learning by enabling employees to ask and answer their questions. You can produce interactive learning in a few minutes with wizcabin.

3. Introduce personalized eLearning

Another growth tip is introducing personalized learning at scale. Personalized eLearning is a customize learning specific to a particular group of employees.

  • Instead of lengthy e-courses, use a microlearning nugget in your eLearning course.

4. Develop the attributes that make people thrive in digital transformation

In the digital world today, most organizations face consistent digital transformation. So, to stay in the competition, a company has to adopt the new and latest technology.

Naveen is the chief executive officer at Wizcabin. He helps organizations to optimize their e-learning strategy by balancing the cost and effectiveness factors.